How we give back to our society.

We love Nigeria and we want the best for all Nigerians! We understand that producing our crisps in Nigeria brings important responsibilities towards the farmers, suppliers, and staff that we work with to make our delicious snacks. We take this privilege extremely seriously and every day we make sure that we do right by them all. For us, observing the legal minimum to protect our profits is not enough – we want to make lives – and our planet – better than we found them!

Although we can’t possibly list every possible ethical dilemma that we will face, one of our core company values is to respect the dignity of all life and all people.

To help us always do the right thing, firstly, we have a named CSR delegate on the management team, who is responsible for ensuring that we never indulge in any exploitative practices. In particular, this means no children are forced into working for us or our suppliers – children should be in school, not at work.

Secondly, we will fight to ensure that no one will be forced of their land or out of their homes to provide space for us to grow our ingredients or to build our factory.

We will work with our suppliers to help them organise self-organising cooperatives that will provide long term supply contracts at above-market rates, as well as education and security. Although this costs money, it will ensure that we get the highest quality ingredients for our products and will help our suppliers to improve their product yields and quality, as well as their knowledge and revenues.

The average Nigerian farmer supports up to 16 other people, so we understand that our helping them will support thousands of people beyond them.