CASSANOVAS™ proudly presents: irresistible Sweet – Potato Chips

After eight months of close quality control, the time has finally come: We are delighted to be launching our sweet potato chips in three delicious varieties!

We developed these CASSANOVAS™ chips to create a healthy snack that’s completely free of artificial flavors, inferior ingredients and low nutritional value. The sweet potato as the base ingredient of our chips is naturally gluten free, grain free and nut free, all sweet potatoes we use are sustainably grown and harvested in Nigeria. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamins B5, B3 and B6, magnesium and copper. The biggest nutritional advantage: They have an extremely high content of vitamin A.

From a nutritional point of view, sweet potatoes are a real powerhouse – and our CASSANOVAS™ sweet potato chips are the perfect snack between meals!

Our sweet potato chips in three irresistible varieties:


Pure enjoyment

Simply delicious and full of fascinating sweetness

Salt and Ginger

A feast for the senses

Sweet potato meets salt and ginger – a real taste explosion


Sinfully aromatic

Enjoy the full Suya taste – as purely vegetarian chips

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