Cassanovas AGRO BRAND OF THE YEAR 2020

Surprised, honoured and proud. This is how best we can describe the award which we received following the feed Nigeria conference held in Abuja on December 4th 2020.

Yes, a Brand stands for product and we believe we have a great product, nice colourful packaging, an awesome name and a claim which nails it. But a Brand is always rated for what for and it unique selling points. We pride ourselves that our product is 100% Nigerian, keeping the full value chain in the country. We not only meet global standards, we even exceed them. Cassanovas chips are VEGAN certified in addition to the health and safety requirements for any food product. Cassava the Potato from Africa! And yes for every Brand there are People behind it. Our CEO Thomas Hirsch is surely the driving force and the visionary behind it. But everyone who works at Cassanovas (Directors, Admin, Production, Cleaner, Driver or our Dance crew) is a member of the family. That’s why the Award belongs to everyone. Despite which company has its own dance crew?

The pictures below say it all…

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