Representatives of Pacific Ring West Africa Ltd. attended BIOFACH, the World Organic Trade Fair, in Nuremberg, Germany in February 2019. BIOFACHis the biggest organic food fair in the world and our reps –Thomas Hirsch (CEO) and Emeka Uweh (COO) -met with certifiers, buyers and service providers to discuss certifyingCassanovas as organic, GMO-free, halal, and vegan, highlighting the values that we share with other organic producers:

  • No synthetic fertilizers in our supply chain 
  • Minimal use of synthetic pesticides
  • No genetically engineered crops, more commonly known as genetically modified organisms, or GMOs
  • No irradiation to kill diseases or pests, or to extend shelflife

At Cassanovasbelieve that the healthiest foods are grown according to organicprinciples, bringing health and lifestyle benefits our consumers. As we achieve full certification for our products, including helping allof our oil, spice and cassava suppliers to achieve the same, we will continue to advise our consumers of the benefits to their bodies, communities and the planet that choosing organic, GMO-free and vegan foods will bring. These include:

  • Better nutrition
  • More antioxidants
  • Fewer chemicals and resistant bacteria
  • Lower nitratesAntibiotic and synthetic hormone-free
  • Better for the environment

Although we are yet to achieve full certification, we know that Cassnoavas already bring you all the benefits of fully organic and GMO-free foods.

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