Cassanovas Are Spearheading Nigeria’s Launch Into International Snackfood Brands

Nigerian snackfoodmanufacturers Pacific Ring West Africa Ltd. (“PRWA”) are proud to announce their first international order for Cassanovas cassava chips has been shipped from Abuja, Nigeria, to Germany for European consumers to enjoy. Celebrating this milestone in the history of the Nigerian snackfoods manufacturers, PRWA were joined at their factory in Abuja by ambassadors and representatives from the Vice-President’s office, the German embassy, the British High Commission, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NigerianInvestment Promotion Council and NACCIMA, where guests were given a tour of the factory and explanation of how the production processes work, followed by a container sealing ceremony. Also present were representatives from Welcome 2 Africa, FirstBank, Zenith Bank and Next Cash and Carry -the first major local chain store to stock the Cassanovas brand in its stores and will be including it in their Christmas hampers this year.This export container marks the first time that 100% Nigerian grown, processed and packaged Cassanovas cassava chips have been exported from Nigeria to Europe, countering the trend of exporting raw materials with little value added and importing branded snacks. CEO, Thomas Hirsch says “Value added products like Cassanovas will contribute to Nigeria’s agricultural economy, job creation, and this entrance into European markets represents a transformative moment in global perceptions of the quality, taste and international appeal of Nigeria’s produce. I can only hope that this marks just one step to the success of Nigerian brands internationally” In particular the brand represents an innovative new advance for cassava as a delicious local ingredient for healthier snackfoods. PRWA have conducted consumer tests around the world, with British, American, European and Asian consumers agreeing that they want to see Cassanovas in every shop across the globe. It’s not only foreigners who love the taste and distrinctive African packaging though –Nigerians love the irresistible taste too. Rabiu Shehu, PRWA’s Director says “A lot of people tell me they can’t believe that these chips are made from cassava! They fall in love with the crunch, the taste, and enjoy not having the greasiness that you find in some other snacks. Cassava is rich in fibre and protein, so it really is the perfect African snack for Africans –and everyone else!” In only a few weeks since starting production, Cassanovas are now being sold in more than 150 supermarkets and bars around the country, with more sure to come nationwide. The world is ready for Africa to live up to its potential as the snackfood basket of the world –and with their irresistible taste, Cassanovas cassava chips are surely one the first products to put in your basket.

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